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Asbestos Site Demolition in Sydney

Here at Asbestos Removal Sydney, we provide asbestos demolition services in Sydney NSW. Our expertise lies in all types of site demolition from domestic buildings to commercial and industrial buildings. We have professional demolition contractors who are the Best in the industry. With decade of experience in site demolition they provide legal and safe services following all the rules and regulations. 

We know that sometimes buildings are so riddled with asbestos containing material that a removal and renovation process is not enough for that. Besides that if a building is really old and in a very shabby condition and requires complete renovation then a demolition is more cost effective. This requires for a licensed and trusted company which is the best as it is not an easy task. You don’t have to worry with Asbestos Removal Sydney at your service. Give us a call on 0405092779 and we will take care of the entire procedure. 

It is known to all that how dangerous Asbestos exposure can be for the health of human beings. If a building is really old and on a verge to collapse it can cause serious and fatal asbestos exposure especially if it was built prior to 1989. In this case it is safe to demolish the building on your own while taking care of asbestos removal from the building. At Asbestos removal we have a team of asbestos demolition specialists who are fully insured, licensed and qualified to carry out any size of demolition, be it a small domestic property or a large commercial building. 

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The Procedure of Site Demolition in Sydney

First of all we inspect the property and take out samples for testing and analysis. After that our team makes sure that asbestos containing materials are extensively removed from the premises, only then our team carries out the demolition of the property. Our team makes sure to follow all the rules and follow the legal method for asbestos removal demolition. NSW government has outlined some WHS (Work Health and Safety) Regulations. According to their section 452 and 453 asbestos containing material should be carefully removed and isolated from the premises before site demolition. If there are such asbestos containing material that are difficult to remove or cannot be removed then an emergency site demolition occurs. Also if the building is structurally unsound or the building is on the verge to collapse then demolition occurs on immediate basis.

Once it is absolutely confirmed that the building requires asbestos removal demolition, our skilled team prepares an ARCP (Asbestos Removal Control Plan). Before carrying out the demolition our team makes sure that the area is completely secured. We also make sure to inform the concerned authorities and then our licensed removal and demolition team demolishes the site with utmost care and proficiency. After successfully demolishing of site, a clearance inspection is carried out. The disposal waste is then disposed to the council approved asbestos disposal sites. Our team also makes sure to monitor the air during this entire process to ensure that area is not contaminated by asbestos fibers and is safe to breath. Get in touch at to avail our services. 

How to Stay Safe on Asbestos Demolition Site in Sydney?

Health and safety is main priority for us in asbestos demolition sites in Sydney. There are various considerations to be made before the workers and machines step on to demolition premises. 

– We make sure that all the asbestos containing material has been safely removed from the site before demolishing the building. 

-We make sure that all of our team is wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We strictly ensure that at least 5-part PPE is worn by our employees. The 5-part PPE includes High Visibility Jacket/ Vest, Steel-toe cap boots, Hard Hat, Safety Gloves and Safety Glasses.

– We do our best to prevent accidents on site with proper qualification, training sessions and experience. All of our employees are properly trained to complete the assigned task. We also focus on training sessions to keep our working techniques and practices up to date. 

– Environmental Safety is also very important for us. We know that demolition creates noise, dust and vibration and becomes disturbing for neighbours. Our skilled team ensures that all of these things are monitored and managed to minimise disruption. 

– We at Asbestos Removal Sydney make sure to maintain the site clean and tidy. Our team tries their best to keep the area of site clean and tidy all the time. They make sure that demolition materials are dealt appropriately. 

– We also make sure that waste material from demolished site is properly identified, preserved in disposable bags. All the bags are labelled accordingly with caution before disposing of. All the waste is dumped in council approved disposing sites. 


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