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Our company Asbestos Removal Sydney specializes in disposal of asbestos material in Sydney NSW. If you are renovating your house or office there are chances that your building contains asbestos containing material especially if it was built before 1989. You must be looking for a trusted company for asbestos removal and disposal. Look no further, you have landed on the right website. We are the number1 asbestos removal company in Sydney NSW. With decades of experience in the field, our licensed team follows all the safety measures and guidelines in disposal and removal of asbestos containing materials from your house and office. Fill out the given form to get a free and transparent quote. 

Removing and disposing asbestos is not a simple task. You should not take it easy as exposure to asbestos is potentially harmful and dangerous. Inhaling asbestos can cause various types of cancer. That is why environmental offices across Australia are encouraging their citizens to have their homes and offices checked. If asbestos containing material is found in your building then you are asked to get it removed and disposed for your own health and safety. Here arises the question how to remove asbestos and where to dispose it off? We are here to answer your question. Contact us at for all your queries regarding asbestos removal and disposal.

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How to Remove and Dispose Asbestos in Sydney

The first step is to get your domestic or any commercial or industrial building inspected. Hire a trusted company like Asbestos Removal Sydney to take a sample out of the suspected areas and get it tested and analysed. As asbestos is not used in its natural and pure form it is mixed with other material like cement so it becomes difficult to detect it with naked human eye. You can only detect it using special laboratory equipment. As exposure to asbestos is dangerous that is why only skilled and licensed person can remove the sample for lab testing. And testing for asbestos containing material should be done in NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited labs in Sydney NSW. 

As asbestos is used for fire-proofing and insulation you can find asbestos containing material in wall insulation layers, floor and ceiling panels, sprayed coating on pipes, bars and columns etc. 

If the results are positive then you should go for the removal of Asbestos containing material from your building. A task only licensed professionals are allowed to handle. There are very strict rules and regulations regarding the removal and disposal of asbestos. We at Asbestos Removal Sydney make sure that our team follows all the safety measure approved by health councils. Our team is fully insured, licensed and skilled to perform the task.


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All the team members under the supervision of their head carry out the task with utmost care. Each employee wears the masks and special protective suits for the job. They use hand tools and special equipment for removal of asbestos and do their work with greatest care and accuracy. All of them are fully aware of the safety precautions and follow all the rules and regulations. They use conventional and approved method for this risky task. 

After the successful removal of asbestos the next step is disposal of asbestos. You cannot dispose of this highly dangerous material anywhere. Government of Australia has issued strict rules regarding the disposal of asbestos. Our proficient team makes sure to dispose asbestos in council approved asbestos disposal sites. Call us on 0405092779 to get our trusted and professional services. 


Process of Disposal of Asbestos in Sydney

We at Asbestos Removal Sydney follow standard and safe asbestos disposal process. - Asbestos containing material is disposed of in small quantities - Each asbestos containing sheet is soaked with water - Asbestos waste is preserved in zip lock disposable plastic bags - The waste is then transported to NSW council approved disposal sites where it is disposed of carefully

How much Asbestos Disposal Cost?

Our services include commercial, residential and domestic asbestos disposal. The cost for asbestos removal varies according to the size of building and amount of asbestos containing material present in the building. You can contact us on 0405092779 to get an upfront and free quote to get the idea regarding asbestos removal and disposal cost. One of our professional team members will visit the site for inspection and give you the estimated cost including asbestos lab testing, removal and disposal. 

Wait no more and fill out this form to get in touch with Sydney’s the best and the most trusted asbestos removal company. You are only one call away to get the best and fully licensed and insured services for disposal of asbestos from your house or office in Sydney NSW. Dial 0405092779 and get in touch with our team. 


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