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Here, at Asbestos Removal Sydney, we provide authentic asbestos testing services in affordable prices throughout Sydney, NSW. It is difficult to find whether the material used in your house or office building contains asbestos or not. You cannot check it by only seeing the material or products you suspect of containing asbestos. It requires proper and authentic laboratory testing. For laboratory testing you will have to carefully take out a sample piece from the building. 

It is not an easy task to take out the sample on your own. Special skills and approved methods by the NOHSC (The National Occupational Health and Safety Commissions) are required for taking out and testing the asbestos contained sample. You can only trust a licensed company like us for asbestos testing and analysis as it is not an easy task. Contact us on 0405092779 if you suspect presence of asbestos in your residential or commercial space. Our professional and licensed team will take care of all the procedure. They will carefully remove the sample to get it tested and analysed by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratory. 

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Is Your House or Office Contain Asbestos Based Material in Sydney?

Asbestos can be present in any commercial or residential building in Sydney, NSW especially those built prior to late 1980s. Buildings built up until 1989 in Sydney extensively contain asbestos material and products. Asbestos based products include roof tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, wall sheeting, ceiling, gables, eaves, pipes, fencing and a lot more of these. According to statistics over 30% of all houses in Australia contains asbestos based material. 

It is hard to detect the presence of asbestos based material with merely naked eyes. The one and only way to be absolutely sure of asbestos presence is through NATA approved lab testing. Asbestos containing materials can be proved fatal to your health. If you suspect presence of asbestos or especially damaged asbestos containing material (ACM) then it is high time to contact a licensed asbestos removal company to get it tested and analysed. Call us on 0405092779 to avoid any kind of potential inconvenience and be absolutely sure of what to do and how to do. 

How to Collect Sample for Asbestos Testing and Analysis in Sydney?

There are certain safety measures to be followed to collect a sample for asbestos testing and analysis. Our fully trained team takes care of all the safety precautions. These safety guidelines include:

– Wearing a P2 disposable mask throughout the process. This mask help you to avoid inhaling the dust containing toxic material. It will save you from asbestos exposure. 

– Wet the material you wish to remove for sample. Wetting the material decreases the generation of dust which reduces the chances of spread of asbestos contained material in air. 

– Sample size should be between 5 to 100 grams. 

– Do not hold the sample with naked hands. 

– Use hand tools to collect and hold the sample. 

– Save the sample in a clip lock plastic bag.

– Paint the source area of the sample.

– Deliver the sample to the NATA accredited lab for testing and analysis. You should deliver it yourself instead of sending someone else or delivering through courier service. 

Our proficient team at Asbestos Removal Sydney takes care of all the safety guidelines and deliver the sample on their own. You can get the results of testing and analysis within 24 hours. Contact our team for licensed and authentic asbestos testing and analysis services. 


Selecting the Lab for Asbestos Testing in Sydney

If you want to get high quality and authentic results of asbestos testing, it is vital to choose that you choose an authentic and accredited laboratory. You need to choose a lab that is certified by National Association of Testing Authorities. NATA has strict policies regarding the quality of services. Choosing a lab that is NATA certified gives you the confidence that your sample is in good hands. 

We at Asbestos Removal Sydney have trusted contacts with NATA approved labs. Our team makes sure to get the sample testified from NATA accredited labs to get the authentic and high quality results. Send us an Email at for asbestos testing. 


Why is Asbestos Lab Testing Necessary in Sydney?

There are different types of asbestos containing material that cannot be identified easily. Asbestos is the construction industry is used in a mixture form not in a pure form which makes it difficult to identify ACM without lab testing. Also, there are different types of ACM such as: chrysotile or white asbestos; crocidolite or blue asbestos; and amosite or brown asbestos. That is why it is not easy to identify asbestos without testing.

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