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Asbestos Removal Sydney is local, Australian owned and based company in Sydney, NSW. With decades of experience, we specialize in asbestos identification and asbestos removal. When it comes to asbestos removal, you cannot trust any unlicensed company. It is a dangerous work so you should trust a licensed and professional company for the job. 

We are Sydney’s premier company and take pride in offering our proficient and high quality work of asbestos removal. Our fully qualified team finishes the work while focusing on minute details from site inspection to removal of all material and disposal. 

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Services Offered by Asbestos Removal Sydney

We specialize in domestic, commercial and industrial asbestos removal. Our services include:

• Asbestos Testing in Sydney 

Before 1980’s asbestos based products were used all over in Australia. If you suspect asbestos in you building whether in domestic or commercial space, you need asbestos testing. It is not easy to identify asbestos on you own. Asbestos identification requires careful laboratory testing. Taking out a sample for asbestos testing requires professional skills due to its dangerous nature. You need to put your trust in a professional and licensed company like Asbestos Removal Sydney for this task.

• Asbestos Disposal in Sydney 

The need for asbestos disposal is increasing due to potential health risks. It is a very sensitive job owing to its dangerous nature. You have to be very careful when it comes to Asbestos disposal. It is not a child’s play and you should not try doing it on your own as it involves legal procedure. That is why it is vital to hand over this job to a legally licensed company. We at Asbestos Removal Sydney follow established safety guidelines for disposing asbestos in council approved locations. Contact us on 0405092779 to get our legal and proficient services. 

• Asbestos Site Demolition in Sydney 

Sometimes buildings contain a large amount of asbestos that cannot be removed or resorted. You have to demolish the entire building in order to get rid of asbestos. Buildings that were built prior to 1990s are riddled with asbestos based products and require complete and safe demolition procedure. Asbestos Removal Sydney provides proficient services for asbestos site demolition both in residential and commercial areas in Sydney. Send us an Email to get the work started. 



Why Choose Asbestos Removal Sydney?

Asbestos Removal requires the expertise of professional and licensed contractors in Sydney. It is a risky procedure which demands to follow the customary and legal guidelines from the government. Our fully licensed and skilled team at Asbestos Removal Sydney follows all the approved guidelines from council in testing, disposal and removal of asbestos in Sydney. 

We have won the hearts and trust of Australia with our excellent expertise. With decades of experience in the field we provide safe asbestos site demolition services to our residential as well as commercial clients in Sydney. Our company is licensed by Environmental Protection Agency and our employees are completely insured and taken care of.

Our brilliant team at Asbestos Removal Sydney handles the job very carefully. They are fully experienced in tactfully removing the asbestos from the selected areas after complete testing. The testing for asbestos checking is done at a recognized and qualified NSW NATA laboratory. If the test results are positive then our team provides all the guidelines and procedure for the services required. Our competent team also provides quick and transparent free quote for the service of contaminated areas. What are you waiting for? Just give us a call on 0405092779 and get an immediate response from our efficient team.  


Why is Asbestos Removal Important in Sydney?

Asbestos is a term given to six naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals composed of thin needle like fibers. Breathing in presence of Asbestos can cause various diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis and lung cancer. Though this fiber fireproofs and strengthens building material it is banned in various countries. Asbestos has not been used in domestic buildings since late 1980s. Due to its potential dangers Government of Australia put a ban on the use of asbestos in building material on December 31st, 2003. It is illegal to use, re-use, install, store, supply or import these materials in Australia. But if your house or office is built before that then there are chances of presence of asbestos material in the building.

You can find asbestos in various places in your building such as:

You can find asbestos in various places in your building such as:

– Roof sheets

– Vinyl sheet floors

– Wall sheets

– Ceiling

– Fences 

– Underlay for carpet or tiles

– Waterproofing material

– Guttering

– Garages and carports

– Pipes, eaves, gables and flues

– Telecommunication access pits

– Window sealant 

– Switchboard backing made of zelemite

– Flexible construction planks etc.

Contact us for Asbestos testing, removal, disposal and site demolition. 


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